Fed Gov Jobs

Federal Government Jobs in the USA.

There are fedgov job openings in federal agencies across the country. If you're interested in one we can show you the best places to find federal government jobs in all the US States Of America

US State Department Jobs

US State Department Jobs

Looking to work for the US State department then follow the links on this page for the latest job openings and career advice.

Make America Great Again Trump Wins
Make America Great Again Trump Wins

Make America Great Again

Will President Donald J Trump Make America Great Again?

Donald Trump's Transition Team finally launches the U.S government website GreatAgain.gov but has already decided to change its name to whitehouse.gov.

I guess it's not quite great again yet. Here at USA Jobs 2Go, we believe that the newly elected president of the United States Donald Trump can help Make America Great Again.

Advertise A Job Vacancy Online Today in The USA

Do You Need to find new staff quickly, and are looking to advertise a job vacancy online urgently!. We can show you how to get your job vacancies online fast.

Creating Job Adverts

When writing a job advert, make it creative and accessible to any prospective employees and get in the habit of some of the following tips when you create a job advert.

When choosing a font choose one that is easy to read and is a minimum of 12 pts. Avoid italics as they don't look good at all.
Clearly state if you are an equal opportunities employer. And that you welcome applications from all suitably qualified candidates, regardless of their race, gender, disability, religion/belief, sexual orientation or age.
Provide clear and accurate contact information of your organization and provide additional information required.
Check that within the person specification, only the skills and experience that are crucial to the job are included.
Offer alternative formats for application forms. A larger print form may be useful for many, as is a paper form if the application would usually be completed online.
These five simple steps will make a huge difference to your job advert, and also to the candidates applying for the vacancy.

Good luck with recruiting some brilliant talented staff!